How to…cut a mango.

I love how to posts.  I always want to do them but I never do.  Mostly because I forget my camera or realize half way that I want to.  So…here is my first “how to…” post!  Courtesy of Jonathan, here is how to cut a mango.

Step One:  Purchase mango.  Get cutting board and a very sharp knife.

Step Two: The mango is kind of shaped funny.  Now, the pit is very big but also very skinny.  Cut along the pit on the side of the mango.  In the picture, you can see that it’s kind of like a circle that got “smooshed” making it a little oval shape.  Cut along the “smooshed” sides.  You’ll be left with two “cheeks” of the mango.

Step Three:  With the knife, cut along the inside of the cheeks.  Be careful not to cut through the skin…and your hand.

Step Four:  Cut the other way the other way to make it look like this.  Again, don’t cut through the skin.

Step Five:  Now (to quote Johnathan) “turn that bad boy inside out!”  Just pop the skin in towards you.

…it looks way to cool.  And cute 🙂

…and you’re ready to eat it!  Just eat the little squares right out of the skin or scrape them off of the skin into a bowl.



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