It’s dark outside…sort of.

I love summer.  It’s 1030 pm and still, light is visible on the bottom half of the sky.  I’m up, boiling down some chicken stock from left over Hutterite chickens that I made for dinner.  (There is nothing more that I love doing than making my own stock.  Crazy? Maybe)  I’m drinking the elusive perfect cup of tea.  Water, sugar, milk, temperature and tea all dance perfectly together.  The house is dimly lit, the dogs are asleep.  Branden is snoring up stairs, Andrew is laughing with one of his friends on X-box.  The stock is at a rolling boil now…and I feel at peace.

I’ve had some turmoil the past few weeks.  Emailing, calling, interviews, waiting.  I’m powerless and in order to feel some measure of power, I’m tempted to beat myself up.  At least, then I’m doing something.  I can stop now and savor this moment.  The summer nights where tank tops are worn when the night is cooling down.  There isn’t a cloud in the sky and there hasn’t been all day.  Sure, I’m a little sun burnt but I got to hang out with some family today and cook some kick ass supper.  It’s Saturday night and I want to live in this moment.

This moment where I feel peace.  Where I am powerless to control my future and I stop there.  I don’t go down the road of beating myself up.  I simply linger.  I linger and breathe.  I listen.  And Breathe.


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