*I could not resist the urge to do some creative writing.  Now that I find myself with free time not consumed with job hunting, this is a past time that I hope to take up with great fervor again.  Here is something that I started quite a while ago about my love affair with Summer.*

Autumn’s cool breath escapes her lips as she stared out at me, batting her long eyelashes.  Her beauty dazzles me just long enough for Summer to slip out the back.  I knew exactly where Winter was standing, poised to strike, waiting in the hallway listening for Autumn to convince me that it was indeed cold enough to start wearing my heavy coat.  “Yes darling”, she coos “the cool wind of evening will require a warm covering.”  As soon as I comply, Winter is on me in a flash, buring me underneath scarves and snowdrifts, halting the breath in my lungs.  Spring has stopped answering my calls but I can faintly remember her promises to return.  But Spring is flakey and often forgets her promise to keep Winter at bay so she returns with a severe tounge lashing when Spring leaves me unprotected.

Summer darts off around the same time every year, leaving Autumn to seduce me into letting Winter in.  Despite his departure, I sit perched looking for him to come down the hall.  He takes off my layers; his warmth like velvet against the skin of my face.  He teases out the freckles with kisses and they dance to the surface of my skin like a blush.  It’s really only a matter of time before I’m hopelessly lost in his early sunrises and skipping out of the house in a sundress.  He meets me for dinner with more kisses across my shoulders and sets glitter in my hair.  He promises, this time he will stay longer.  This time, September will come and go without a hint of snow.  Like a fool, I smile and laugh at the thought of a Winter long past.  She is on the other side of the world, packing her bags to arrive suddenly just like every year, right behind the seduction of Autumns beautiful eyes.


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